Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Upper bathroom

I finally finished painting this picture frame, which based on the newspaper dated December 12, was a project I started right at the height of my nesting spree. Now that all my first aid accessories are complete AND we have a wide angle lens, I thought I would post new photos.There are two inspirations for this bathroom. The first is this jade green color. I have been collecting first aid or Red Cross items since I bought this orange tin in high school. I keep tampons in it. Some red cross canisters lead to the purchase of the jade green First Aid book which I picked up at Stars Antique mall for $1. Several years later I found the matching First Aid kit across the street at Stars & Splendid. Mr. W bought it for me for our 2nd anniversary since it is completely stocked with all the original cotton bandages.I'll go into the saga of the tub in a minute, but when I thought about what color to paint the tub I was a bit indifferent. Then I saw an episode of How I Met Your Mother which featured Brittney Spears playing a crazy girl. In her apartment was a purple painted claw foot tub in the main room. It looked awesome, such a bold color! And then I thought about that jade green from the first aid accessories. I'll admit I was very nervous at first at how it would turn out, it is such a bright color and re-painting a tub is not fun to do once it is installed. (I was able to paint ours while it was upside down in the hallway.) The color is Benjamin Moore #__, and the walls are a lighter tone #__.
We had no plans to redo this bathroom originally. The walls were a pale yellow and the floor was a mauve VCT, not my preference, but acceptable. The slope in this room was off by about 1 1/2" in 8 ' which is pretty significant and water wouldn't completely drain in the tub which was causing the finish to fail. We decided to fix the slope by putting glides under the feet. Long story short, a leg broke off, it took us years to fix it, and when we finally got the tub and sink basin professionally refinished, Mr. W noticed how much he had scratched up the floor and ask me if I thought we ought to replace it. I jumped at the chance of course!
Here's where the second inspiration come in. I had a client with a 1920s Tudor Revival in Alameda and I was in love with their black and white hex tile floors. Theirs was long and narrow and had 3 medallions. I used their pattern as a guide and did just one medallion in the center with the same border. I bought unglazed 1" hex tiles from Daltile because they are more period appropriate. The grout is Delorean Grey. My carpenters were able to fix the slope in the floor some by building up the underlayment. The rest we fixed by having Stanley Avenue Tub drill bolts into the feet which we can adjust to get the right height, and we used nickel plated glides to protect the new floors. Our claw feet are a little unusual, even with all the tubs Stanley Avenue Tub sees, they don't lock in place. Instead gravity is what is keeping them on. To remedy that, and prevent another foot from falling off again they made a toggle bolt for the pairs of legs to keep them on. This is probably an unnecessary safety precaution, but it was worth it to us.The train rack was purchased at Rejuvenation and installed before was added the linen cabinet in the hallway. The finish is polished nickel. Now that we don't need to store all our towels here I can create a little vignette.

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