Monday, April 25, 2011

Feast of St. Mark

Every year it seems I plan to celebrate our name days and every year I can't get it together. This year the Feast of St. Mark fell on Easter Monday so I decided to just continue the celebration one more day.
Cooking With the Saints has a San Marco Roast which I thought would be a nice departure from Easter dinner. I didn't pay enough attention when I made my shopping list because I didn't notice that I would eventually need to cube the beef chuck. I would have had the butcher do it and at the price per pound at Zupan's I didn't want to hack up good meat. I've never made a roast before, but somehow I thought that they were usually one piece of meat. I knew I had several hours to let it cook so I altered the recipe by not chopping it up.
And it worked! You know you have successfully roasted your beef when you can cut it with a serving spoon. I paired it with mashed Yukon gold potatoes and peas. Our Little Helper loves peas! I don't but I eat them just to continue his good habit. I really liked this recipe; it is seasoned with dill and yields a lot of meaty-tomatoey gravy. And it was quite easy, especially since I roasted it whole.

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