Thursday, April 21, 2011


The F's decided to host a Seder tonight and we were happy to join them. Admittedly 3 is too young for the boys to take away much of the meaning of for Our Little Helper to see the similarities between Passover and the Last Supper. But any occasion is a good one to get together with our best friends. Mrs. F set such a pretty table using Granny's china and a tempting dish of coconut macaroons to tempt us.
We went pretty quickly through the Seder, the boys did try the bitter herbs in salt water, which had just the effect one would imagine. They were very excited about hiding the afikomen and the prospect of toys. After the bitter herbs though we were unable to get the boys to try the Hillel sandwich with the charoset and shredded horse radish, but that is one of my favorite parts of the Seder. Another thing they enjoyed was being able to stick their hands in their juice and touching their plates to symbolize the ten plagues. Who doesn't like a holiday where you are allowed to get messy?
Mr. F made a great matzo ball soup and roasted potatoes and steak for dinner. Very impressive since he decided that morning to host the Seder that night. She didn't think they would this year since she is expecting and still having some morning sickness.
This was an especially happy Passover for me because I was remembering last year's. Mr. F's mother had come to town to prepare the dinner for her family. After the meal Mrs. F, Big Mrs. F and another woman and I were talking about trying to conceive and family planning. The other two were talking about how which months they would avoid trying to conceive based upon the resulting birth month. These types of conversations among fertiles are a little upsetting to me because I'm not able to just pick a month and have it work so easily. I looked up to heaven and said, "Dear God, I will take a baby any month you will give me one!" Four days later I learned I was pregnant. In a way I like to also consider him my Passover miracle.

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