Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

A year ago today I went in to the RE's office for a blood draw in the morning to see if I was pregnant. I hadn't peed on a stick yet because in my opinion it was still to early to test. I was so hopeful, but would I really be lucky enough to have my first cycle of injectable drugs be successful in getting us pregnant? The day before I experienced bleeding with a shocking amount of clotting which I was convinced was my period arriving early. I cried and cried on Mr. W's shoulder.
It seemed like such a long time to wait for the results, but if was only a few hours. I have to admit it was very anticlimactic to learn you are pregnant while on the phone with a nurse. If I were using a HPT I would have done it with Mr. W so we would both know at the same time. It was a very awkward phone call. I was thrilled, but wanted to behave like a sane person; I didn't know this woman and I didn't want to share my relief and excitement with her. Perhaps if we had gone through cycle after cycle of treatment it would have been different because I would have more of a relationship with her. But as it was, I was forced to share this most joyous moment with a complete stranger.
That Easter weekend I was feeling very uncomfortable...down there, and was pretty convinced I had another UTI. When I went in for my blood draw that morning I asked them to also run a UA to see if I was correct. I had been right, so in addition to taking progesterone suppositories twice a day, I also had to start taking an antibiotic twice daily for a week. But the best news was that my pregnancy test was positive. My beta number was 42.06 and my P4 was 6.3. I was a little nervous, these numbers seemed awfully low to me. I knew there was a whole range of good numbers, but still I was hesitant to get too excited yet. I 'd have to go in for a second blood draw Wednesday morning to see if they doubled. Until then I'd scour the internet checking websites with beta numbers.
This first person I called was Mr. W of course, but again it seemed so unnatural to share this news via the telephone. We were both relieved that the fertility drugs worked the first time and we wouldn't have to go through another cycle of sticking me with needles. And finally, we're going to have a baby!!! It was time to celebrate!
I had included my mom and my grandma in the ups and downs of my doctor appointments, often times they would babysit for me, so after sharing the news with Mr. W I called them both and invited them out to a celebratory meal. Since my grandpa would be going too I selected Sayler's Old Country Kitchen. It's totally old school and the special occasion location of choice for him. What a relief to be able to toast to our success.
I considered this baby as my Easter miracle, even though he'd be due to arrive during Advent, he'd be my special little bunny.

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