Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday

The last two days have been gorgeous. So sunny out that we can go for walks to the park and play out in the yard. The past two years I have had our Easter egg hunt on Easter Monday; I intended to repeat that but the forecast calls for rain. I though it might be nicer to have our egg hunt today while we can still enjoy the sun. I'm taking liberties here, but the prospect of dealing with the baby and the toddler alone in the rain was not desirable.I dyed the eggs myself and when they were ready Our Little Helper decorated them with religious stickers I found at the Dollar Store. I'd never been to a Dollar Store before, but a post on Catholic Icing recommended it for Catholic Lenten and Easter items. I purchased some Easter basket gifts there too. Then it was out into the garden to hide the eggs. I tried to make it a little more challenging for him this year. It worked, there were two eggs he couldn't find no matter how many times he circled the yard or how many clues we gave him. I'm not sure how I'll handle the hunt next year with two of them. I know some mothers color code the eggs. I may steal that idea!I've been holding on to some smoked salmon that my Uncle G smoked waiting for the right opportunity. In The Traditional Irish Wedding book I found a recipe for Smoked Salmon Bisque which seemed like a perfect fit for the fish and Holy Saturday. We also used some frozen salmon stock that Mr.W's brother-in-law Mr. L made when he was last out here visiting. At Mr. W's request I reserved some of the salmon from the puree so we had chunks to add texture. I was a little apprehensive, but it was the right call. It was delicious and from the chunks you could taste how sweet my Uncle's smoking was.
Because it was so lovely and warm out we decided to have dinner alfresco. Mr. W and Our Little Helper swept the deck and set up the table. It was our first (and probably last for awhile) dinner outside this year. We enjoyed ourselves and ate many servings of soup.

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