Monday, November 12, 2012

St. Theodore of Amasea Day

Celebrating St. Theodore's Day is a bit of a challenge. There are a couple different days attributed to him, so I never remember to pick one. Also, there just isn't much information about him. He is woefully underrepresented in books on saints which is somewhat of an issue for My Little Helper. I have been able to learn a few things for example his attribute is the crocodile, similar to St. George, the crocodile represents the devil. There is a statue atop a column in San Marco Piazza in Venezia depicting St. Theodore and the crocodile.
My Little Helper has been asking to have a dragon tea party for some friends, and since I haven't gotten around to putting that together, I thought a nice compromise might be a St. Theodore tea party. Simple after school snacks and some crocodile cookies should work.
I called a half a dozen bakeries, but none of them made crocodile shaped cookies, so I went to my old standby, The Decorette Shop, and picked up a crocodile cookie cutter.  I had green sanding sugar and added some green food coloring to the cookie dough. They turned out pretty cute, although this stupid old stove burns everything. (Can't wait to get that replaced with in the month!)

We set up the tea table in the play room. The boys were allowed to have a candle for decoration.
They had string cheese and ham roll ups (with fancy toothpicks) apple slices with peanut butter, ritz crackers, and carrots with ranch dip. It was way too much food; the boys devoured the entire plate of cookies and were too excited to eat much else. They had the option of hot chocolate or hot apple cider.
Boys love tea parties!

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