Friday, November 2, 2012

Hallowe'en Tea Party

My friend Ms Mc's favorite holiday is Hallowe'en and she often has a party. This year's version was a tea party theme. She planned to have it Tuesday, but was sick and postponed to Thursday. It was worth the wait; I think she did such a terrific job. Look at how pretty she set her table!

Her mother was in town for the holiday to celebrate as well. They made these cute cupcakes inspired by a magazine.
 She bought several new teapots on ebay for the occasion.  The little black creamer she bought on our shopping expedition to Camas is on the far left. It has an iridescent orange interior. I think this teapot she found is just perfect. It isn't the same manufacturer or pattern, but look at how perfectly the handles match and they both have an iridescent finish. She bought the set of six canival glass tea cups and saucers on the same trip.
 Peanut butter and jam sandwiches cut out like pumpkins and bats.
 I thought this was so clever, ham and cheese sandwiches cut out like skulls with sliced olives for eyes.
 Her mom couldn't resist buying these orange and brown store bought cookies. They were very tasty.
 MLH and N eager to start the tea party. My boys were dressed as knights since their other costumes were wet and dirty from the night before. The B Boys were lil' vampires.
 N loved the candies.
Another cute tea pot. Baby Boy really loved those dried mixed fruits.
Our tea party boys.
 Baby Boy enjoying a cup of water, all the other boys had hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks.

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