Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tulip Luncheon (saying goodbye)

Since this was a our second to the last lunch we'd have in the Laburnum Bungalow I decided to pay homage to the tulip motif in the kitchen. We are moving right when all my spring bulbs are blooming so I'm a little sad to miss all my flowers. The tulips are all up now so I picked a nice bouquet of red ones. (With this rain we are having the petals may not last until next Wednesday when the new owners take occupancy, so why not enjoy them indoors?)
I thought for sure I had a vintage tulip table cloth, but it turns out I have several with red roses instead. What I do have is the retro tulip tea towels which I use as cafe curtains. So instead I used this sweet little runner we received as a wedding gift. My Little Helper was very into setting the table and wanted to make sure that it was "very beautiful." He is so darling and sweet!
I have been packing up the kitchen cabinets today (Holy Smokes we have SO MUCH STUFF!!!) but kept out my Red Domino dishes. This little collection started out with the milk jug which I found down in the basement of an antique store in the Cotswolds. I love red and white for kitchens and I love the lines of the pitcher. Once I returned home and started searching ebay I discovered this Stylecraft set is quite collectible so I began accumulating it from international sellers.
We had a simple little lunch of peanut butter and jam sandwiches, bananas, and milk. The milk is in my tulip patterned Swanky Swig glasses. I just think these are darling. I can only ever find them for $9 in antique stores, which is pretty expensive for such tiny little things, but they go so well with my other vintage finds that I can't pass them up when I happen to come across one.
This morning we walked for the last time to Pine State Biscuits for breakfast. It was raining when we headed out so the boys got to splash around in their rain coats. MLH had a ham, egg, and cheese biscuit and I had my favorite, the Reggie which is a fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and gravy sandwich on a biscuit. I think it will be a good thing that we will no longer live in such easy walking distance from Pine State. Although I'm not sure how I'll survive my next (hopefully) pregnancy without St. Cupcake and Pine State so close.
In moving news, we closed on the sale of the Laburnum Bungalow yesterday. Mr. W is a little sad that he is no longer landed gentry and is a renter at 40. Nevermind that he isn't 40 yet and he'll be a property owner again tomorrow. Who says men aren't dramatic too?
I'm nervous and excited. I think we may just pull this off, but were running low on boxes and the kitchenware eats up boxes fast. Plus Mr. W has had 2 late night conference calls this week and another one tonight. Guess who gets to pick up the packing slack?
Yesterday I did a walk through at the new house with the realtor just to make sure that the sellers stuff is finally out, and blessedly everything is including the giant pile of bricks and cheapo plumbing fixtures in the garage. I also got to use my broken Spanish with the cleaning ladies that were there. They thought my poquito espanol was pretty good. So much so that we arranged for them to come and clean the bungalow next week. Thank goodness the word limpiar came back to me from over 15 yrs ago of high school Spanish. I should figure out the word for sweeping too, because that was one I couldn't remember and felt like a fool pantomiming.

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