Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moving Checklist

With less than a week and a half until Moving Day, I decided I ought to put together a Moving Checklist to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. I am in full on Project Manager mode! Last night as I was reviewing things with Mr. W he commented on how thorough I was. Well, yeah, I am going to project manage the hell out of this move!
Here is what I have accomplished thus far:

  • Solidify a moving company and schedule our moving dates.
  • Schedule the POD delivery.
  • Schedule and pay the City for street permit for POD. (Actually I decided the POD could be placed in the driveway to save curb space for the moving truck, so we can avoid the permit fee now.)
  • Furniture layouts for all the rooms in the house.
  • Create signs labeling each room which contains a list of all the furniture to be placed in that room as well as other larger items that won't be boxed up.
  • Notify diaper service of change of address and schedule delivery date at new house
  • Schedule an exterminator to come treat the new house for ants and ladybugs.
  • Get ball rolling with the phone company for change in service and verify that we can keep our existing phone number.

Here's what remains on my list:

  • Print out signs labeling each room as well as a furniture diagram for each room.
  • Put together a Moving Day master checklist on a clipboard.
  • Transplant the Irene Watts rose.
  • Switch out my little shabby chic white metal switch plate cover in the main floor bath with a standard one.
  • Remove the childproof latches in the kitchen cabinets for use in new house.
  • Remove the 'No Solicitors' and 'Cead Mile Failte' signs from front gate and exterior of house.
  • Provide US Post Service with change of address.
  • Coordinate change of service with waste management company.
  • Coordinate change of service with electric company.
  • Coordinate change of service with water company.
  • Cancel service with natural gas company.
  • Set up an account with oil company.
  • Organize the paint and misc. trim, etc. in the basement for the new owners.
  • Schedule a Day for my Uncle M to help move the stained glass windows and use my dad's truck and glass rack to accomplish it.
  • Put together a box of things we'll need right when we move in like TP, rags for cleaning/dusting, glass cleaner, surface cleaner, light bulbs, vacuum bags.
  • Finish packing!!!!
  • Clean the house after we move out.
  • Consider buying move baby gates.
  • Buy new owners a bottle of champagne to leave in the fridge?
  • Buy myself a housewarming present of new Portland style ceramic tile house numbers!
That seems like a lot; however, I think Mr. W will take over some of those billing issues because only his name is on most accounts since he was single when he bought the Laburnum Bungalow.
Not too bad, but considering I'll be leaving tomorrow to go see my Godsons make their First Communion, I might be cutting this all kind of close.

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