Monday, April 23, 2012

The boys' new bedroom

We were so fortunate that my mom offered to take the boys for the weekend to keep them out from underfoot as we were moving.  Since the movers don't work on Sunday (and who could blame them?) we moved several loads ourselves of more delicate items and began to do some unpacking so that we could reuse the boxes.  Then it was back to the old house for more packing, packing, packing.
My big priority for the day was to set up the boys bedroom and play room to ease the transition for them, especially Our Little Helper.  Frankly, I'm not sure it really matters that much to a preschooler, but my Mommy Guilt was getting the best of me.  That coupled with the trauma I experienced when my parents moved across the Willamette while I was in high school compelled me to have their space set up when they arrived "home".
Since he had a Captain's bed in the nursery and we have no money to spend on new furniture now, Our Little Helper's bed will be a mattress on the floor.  We'll wait until one of those holidays where all the mattresses go one sale to buy a new queen set for us and a box spring for him.  Hopefully a bed frame isn't too far off in the future.  But considering we find him asleep on the floor in the mornings anyway, we don't feel too bad that he's starting out so close to the floor for now.
Next to his bed is the boys' dresser.  Mr. W picked this up at a yard sale before we met and it was in his room when I first moved in.  [Notice I didn't say he was using it when I moved in, that's because when I moved in two years after he bought the house he had a double mattress on the floor (sound familiar?), this dresser with no clothes in it, laundry baskets filled with clean, but unfolded clothes, and the perimeter of the room was lined with half unpacked boxes, the remaining contents appeared to be garbage which he packed and moved from his old apartment. 
I arranged a few things on top.
I am in trouble though with this dresser because the boys currently have way too many clothes.  Part of the problem is lots of hand-me downs in the Baby Boy's size and the other part is over generous grandmas.  Now that the boys have a closet I'll keep their dress shirts on hangers, but I'll have to purchase some sort of storage shelves or drawers for the lower section because I haven't even touched the majority of their clothes yet.  
Next is the changing table and the crib, nothing too exciting or new here, but I'm hoping to store less on the lower shelves of the changing table since Baby Boy is in the throw everything off of and shelves within reach right now.
Between the two windows is their new desk.  It used to be my Uncle G's when he was a boy.  My aunt had it stored in her basement and offered it to me when she moved from her Sellwood house to her new log cabin.  Isn't it darling?  I love the waterfall front and I believe the handles are Bakelite.  I put a few of the baseball things from their old nursery which I could find on both the desk and the dresser.
 I'm hoping to fill the desk drawers with some of his colored paper and coloring books for now since he doesn't have homework yet. Look at all the great storage dividers inside:
Obviously I still have a lot left to do in here, but I think this was a good starting point considering how chaotic the rest of the house looks.  My Little Helper's reaction wasn't great since he doesn't want to move and would rather stay in his old room in his old house, but I could tell he was beginning to warm up to it.  As long as Fiery can sleep with him he's good.

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