Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The papers are signed!

We went into the title place this afternoon and signed the paper work for the sale of the Laburnum Bungalow and the purchase of the Mt. Tabor house. It was a little anticlimatic. I guess I thought we were signing the loan papers today and then would meet with the buyers on Wednesday to close and then meet with the buyers of Friday to close. That's not how it works in Oregon though. It only took us about a half hour to sign everything and we were done.
The buyers have already signed their portion of the paper work so everything is in order for that closing to proceed tomorrow. The sellers were scheduled to sign earlier today, but they rescheduled and will be signing together. Our fingers are crossed that they both show up as planned tomorrow. Even if they don't, we have it in the contract that we can take possession at 5 pm on Friday once it closes. I feel bad for them, married nearly 40 years and then meeting as divorced people to sign over their home of 30 yrs. It is so sad to me.
I have requested a house with the wife though. I want to pick her brain on everything she knows about the house. I wasn't sure if this is a weird thing to request, but my agent Ms. G said that she'd ask even though it isn't common, surprisingly. Fortunately the sellers is very happy to accommodate me with a walk thru and is looking forward to meeting me. That makes me happy; I think we're probably kindred spirits.
Ms. G thought that our buyers would probably be interested in the same from me which I am happy to oblige. I'll try to schedule that after we move all our crap out though. I don't want to freak them out with the condition of our house these days, boxes everywhere, dust floating around, the hollow sound of walking through as a result of having no carpets or curtains.
I'm getting sad to be leaving. I have loved living in this house. All my lovely wallpaper!

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