Thursday, December 8, 2011

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

All day long I have been singing Immaculate Mary. My Little Helper went to daycare today so it was just me and Baby Boy at Mass this morning. It went pretty well; he did chuck a duck up a few pews. I didn't see that coming. This boy may have the arm that gets me a MLB pitcher!
Mr. W had his firm Christmas party today so it was just going to be me and the boys for dinner. I put together an impromptu white dinner to symbolize Mary's purity. Chicken quesadillas with sour cream and then oranges, bananas, and gold chocolate coins for dessert. Yogurt and cubed chicken for the baby. He still won't eat chicken. He tried oranges too, but that didn't work well either.Since it was just the three of us I decided to have our dinner in the front room with the Advent wreath. I borrowed my mom's Immaculate Mary statue; it is from her childhood and the bottom is marked 1962. She can't remember the occasion on which she received it, but probably her First Communion. I especially like the crown. I also have this little wooden Nativity puzzle my mom bought for the boys last Christmas. I think it is darling! (She can't remember where she got that either, I'm becoming afraid of menopause...)We had a nice little meal and I was able to tell My Little Helper the story of St. Nicholas and the coins again.
In other news, I'm an auntie for the first time! Mr. W's brother and his wife had their baby early this morning after her water broke yesterday. They picked such a great name! I'm so excited for them and excited for my sons since these will be the only first cousins they will have (I'm already projecting that they'll have another baby.) We plan to go back East in April to visit for the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC so we'll have to wait until then to meet him. He's pretty cute looking for a newborn. Welcome baby A!

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