Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas Day

I have been looking forward to today for a long time. Even last year I couldn't wait to get my sons in matching jams. I bought Christmas Hannas last year for both boys and we put the boys to bed in them last night.
First I had My Little Helper hang our stockings and put together milk and cookies for St. Nicholas. I was going to try out recipe from the Cooking With the Saints cookbook, but MLH mentioned that we needed to use the cookies in our cupboard. I usually have a box of Scottish shortbread in case of emergency; some how he remembered that last year we put out a plate of the holiday shaped ones. How he can remember that from when he was 3? I didn't remember; the only reason I knew what he was talking about was because I had recently re-read last year's blog post.
Then we put the boys in their jams and read A Visit from St. Nicholas (I changed the word Christmas to Nicholasmas.) Nerd. And then I read the corresponding story in An Advent Storybook.In the morning we descended the stairs to see what St. Nicholas had brought.New Christmas jams for both boys (from Lanz), a kazoo, dino and T-Rex racers, and Alice In Wonderland for Our Little Helper, and candy canes, chocolate coins and Santas from Sees for everyone. Baby Boy eating the crumbs St. Nicholas intentionally left behind.Mr. W received his traditional bottle of Samichlaus bier, which is only brewed once a year on St. Nicholas Day, and I received a fifth of vanilla vodka. I'm not sure what St. Nicholas is trying to tell me, but I'll take it!

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