Monday, December 5, 2011

Another snowfake baby shower

My friend, Ms H is expecting another baby. I'm so excited for her because I think she thought this ship had sailed for her. Her daughter is 7 years old. This time she is expecting a son, so I offered to throw her a shower since there is a big gap in ages AND the baby is a different sex.
She's due February 1st, but is expected to deliver early again since she grows big babies. I thought I could re-do the blue snow flake theme again, this time at home.
I would normally make and print invitations myself, but since Mr. W was in Japan for a week and he is my tech support, I decided to take advantage of a discount certificate I had at Oblation Papers. Their prices were very reasonable to have flat printing done, there is no minimum order so it worked perfectly for me. The even include return addresses on the envelope in the price! I selected a snowflake motif and blue bell ink on white card stock. There was a bit of miscommunication in the proofing, but eventually I got them printed and put out in the post.
One of Ms H's friend wanted to help with the shower. We divided up snacks and desserts. We offered:
  • Tea (of course! Ms H and I love tea!) I nearly went through a whole box of Lady Grey.
  • Homemade egg nog. Mr. W made this for me like he does for our Peacock Lane parties. I thought it would be such a pretty, white punch for our snowflake theme. I felt a little bad since Ms H wouldn't be able to have it since it contains raw eggs, but she doesn't like it anyway.
  • Croissant sandwiches with meats and cheeses. I decided to try out assembling one of these myself rather than buying a prepared one. It wasn't too hard and I think it turned out nicely.
  • Crudites
  • Fruit plate
  • Mini-cupcakes. Her friend made these and I found the fondant cupcake toppers on Kara's Party ideas. When I saw that they had snowflake ones I couldn't resist them, they looked so cute and perfect.
  • Snowflake cookies. I used the same MS recipe I always use. I intended to ice them with white and blue icing, but in the end decided it would be easier to just use white. I happened to have the silver dragees and they worked perfectly.
  • Mints, cashews, and yogurt covered star shaped pretzels. This last item was something I found at Target while I was buying mixed nuts. They looked cute and snowflake like. These were a big hit with the little girls.
I used the white feather tree we decorate for the nursery as the centerpiece and strung it with the blue beaded garland. I attached one of the blue glittery snowflakes for the topper. I used as many of the silver serving pieces as I could and my blue Moonlight Rose and antique Beverly china. I decorated the mantle with my new hurricane vase filled with a candle and blue & white balls I found at Michael's and two arrangements of white flowers. I included some more of the foam glittery snow flakes. (Not many survived the flight home from Ohio.) I strung the snowflake garland over the french doors. I found some snowflake candle holders at Pier One and also some candles in snowflake glass holders as favors for the winners of the shower games. That is also where I found the blue and white snowflake wrapping paper.We played the purse game as an ice breaker game. I really need to update my list for that. I don't even have cell phones on it! Man, I'm old! We also played a nursery rhyme identification game.
It was a small gathering, but very nice. My Little Helper helped me to decorate and make the cookies. He declared that it would be "the best party ever!" So I felt a little guilty that I sent him off to run errands with his dad while the shower was happening. But it was so nice to have 3 hours of girliness without two little people crawling all over me.
I can't wait to meet Ms H's baby boy!

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