Friday, September 30, 2011


Since we have been so busy recently, Mr. W decided that he didn't want to have our big Michaelmas dinner party and roast a goose. So instead I looked through the Cooking With the Saints cookbook and found a few alternate recipes.
We settled on Cotelettes d'Agneau Saint-Michel which is Lamb chops St. Michel with little artichokes tartlets. A little weird, but we were willing to try it out. He ended up buying pork tenderloin instead because it was more affordable.
I set the kitchen table for dinner since the dining room table has been taken over by Beatlemania. Sadly all my Michaelmas Daisies bloomed really early this year so I had none for a bouquet. I was only able to find some sedum, roses, and volunteer chamomile
For desert I made Michaelmas pie which has apples and blackberries. The legend is that when the devil was kicked out of heaven he spit on blackberry bushes during his decent Linkso now you aren't supposed to be eating blackberries after Michaelmas. And in slow food movement terms, this is probably the last opportunity to have fresh blackberries anyway.
These amber carnival glass dessert plates, which belonged to my Grandma A, look very festive this time of year. Oh, how I love pie! The cloves are pretty potent in this recipe so the ice cream is especially good to cut the tartness.
This rag rug table runner was handmade by a Montana woman who was friends with my best friends mother. She gave it to me as a part of my wedding gift.

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