Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's been a hard day's night

I just knew we'd procrastinate! In March I posted about Mrs. Mc's and my plan to dress 4 of our boys as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band. After we bought the fabric, it sat in my dining room untouched. With October and Hallowe'en fast approaching I decided I'd better get to work!
First was cutting out the pattern. I started with John's costume because it will be in size 4, the largest size of the pattern. I have to admit that I think cutting out the pattern is the worst part of sewing. It is super tedious and you don't have much to show for it afterwards.
Once I had it all cut out, I used a measuring tape to calculate the right amount of trims needed to do all the St. Pepper embellishments. I used those same calculations as a guide for Ringo's costume too.
I headed back to Fabric Depot, this time without children, and was better able to focus on cross referencing the list of necessary trims and what was available. For example, the real costumes had military patches from the Royal British Army. Such things aren't readily available at Fabric Depot in Oregon, but I found a patch with the words "Royal Spirit" and a fleur d'li and figure that is close enough for this Momma. I was able to find orange cording for John's costume, but no blue coding for Ringo's. I got just about everything I need for John's costume but orange fringe so I'll have to check another store for that.
But once I got sewing things moved fairly quickly. I started with appliqueing the orange grosgain stripes to the front of the jacket. I may ask my mom to sew the buttons becasue that is another tedious part I hate. If I end up sewing all 4 costumes, buttons just may be the death of me!
But so far, I'm having fun and hope these turn out cute for the boys.

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