Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Snowflake baby shower

My brother-in-law and his wife are expecting a baby this December. I'm pretty excited because they are the only couple among our siblings who will be breeding so not only is this my sons' only opportunity for cousins, but also my only chance at being an auntie! They eloped so there was no bridal shower so this was also my only opportunity to help throw them a shower.
I brought the idea up to my sister-in-law to see if she already had something planned and if she thought it might be a good idea to do something while we were all in Ohio this summer to celebrate Grandpa D's 90th birthday. She agreed that it was a good idea.
Since the baby is due in December, and Mrs. W's name means snow, I thought a snowflake theme would be sweet. And simple since we were all traveling there. White plates, napkins, streamers, etc and I could make tissue paper snowflakes as decorations which would be easy to pack.
I searched the internet for snow desserts and found cherries in the snow, which made from mostly pre-prepared items would be convinient for all of us since none of us would be in our own kitchen. My mother-in-law offered to help as well since she'd arrive earlier so she would prepare the dessert. She felt that a cake and punch shower would be appropriate and since I'm not from Ohio, I deferred to her judgement.
After we found out they were expecting a boy I decided to throw in some blue accents with the white. I found some cute snowflake ribbon, glittery styrofoam snowflake spears, and a snowflake cutter at Michael's. I always mock Christmas decorations in the summer, but now they were coming in handy! I also found a couple snowflake containers at the Dollar store to hold prizes for the shower games and a snowflake streamer.
My MIL rented the church hall and my SIL and her husband went early to decorate. We used available bud vases for flower arrangements of white flowers and the glittery snowflakes tied with the snowflake ribbon. (I had quite the time trying to find white flowers in this small town.  The flower shop on Main St. happened to be closed for no reason in particular and I had to go to 2 grocery stores. I almost had to resort to going into Walmart ::gasp::)

Here are some of the homemade confetti I made from the snowflake paper punch.
My SIL's husband helped to suspend the white streamers around the room. She came up with a good phrase "perfectionating" because he tends to obsess over minute details. I can be totally guilty of that too so it made me laugh. We were positive no one would notice the slight variances in the twists of the streamers.
That silly little snowflake streamer form the Dollar Store was more trouble than it was worth; it didn't hang very easily and Mr. L spent a lot of time 'perfectionating' it.
My MIL had put together a very nice display of wedding photos of the parents to be, both their elopement at the NYC courthouse and their Japanese ceremony and reception. We made that the gift table.

She provided the punch and other beverages and had my SIL's husband Mr. L assemble the Cherries in the Snow dessert. I felt bad because he is such a foodie and the ingredients include coolwhip and canned cherry topping. But it looked nice in the trifle dishes. It was super, super sweet though!
 I think BIL and his wife had a nice little shower. 
They received a lot of nice gifts and it was great to be able to visit with all the extended family we seldom see.  And for Our Little Helper to have so many cousins to play with!

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