Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making Huckleberry Syrup

Shortly after we returned from our camping trip where we picked huckleberries we had to make syrup.
I used this recipe as a guide. I wanted to make these freezer syrups rather than having to process them in glass jars.
First I rinsed the berries. Don't they look so pretty. Then transferred them into the chinois and had My Little Helper squish them to get the juice out. I love some of the action shots! He was working very hard and was very serious.Then everything went into a pot to boil.Meanwhile I had sterilized my freezer containers by sending them through the dishwasher. I usually use these little containers for freezing blueberries for use in pancakes since this is a good portion size. But, since we've had such a busy summer and no time for fresh blueberry picking I though huckleberry syrup was the next best use for them. Then I poured boiling hot syrup into the containers.I let them cool, labeled them, and put the lids on them, making sure to 'burp' them several times so I know I had a good seal. Here is evidence of my horrible spelling. I only misspelled on label, but it ended up being the one that I put front and center. ::face palm::Because I'm catching up on a lot of posts and I'm very behind I have misplaced my notes which included how many pints we picked and how much syrup it ended up yielding.

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