Monday, October 24, 2011

We put an offer on the house today!

Ack!!!! We complied all our paperwork over the weekend and drafted a letter to the sellers in addition to selecting some photos of our house, since we aren't on the market yet. Mr. W put a check in the escrow account. I have two children, but nothing has made me feel more like a grown up that putting in this offer for the Mt. Tabor house. It is a lot of money. It's a big deal. I know people do this all the time, but since it is all new to me I am in awe of the process. And I think a little in shock, it seems a bit out of body to me.
I thought I'd post some more photos of the interior after we initially toured the house in May. However, I discovered that we somehow lost all of those. Too bad. Hopefully they will accept our offer at a lower price and I can get in there again to take more photos. Fingers crossed

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  1. So exciting! Hope it all goes smoothly and looking forward to pics:-)