Friday, October 28, 2011

Costumes are complete!

I'm finished!!!! What a relief! And I have days to spare before Hallowe'en! I ended up making 3 medals for the John costume; the center one is the one Ms. Mc made with left over ribbon from Paul's costume. She made it entirely out of glie dots which wasn't quite holding for me so I top sewed it a bit with the machine. I used hers as a template though for making mine. There was only room for 2 on Ringo's breast, I probably could have scaled them down a bit more from the John sized medals. Good enough though, right?
I tried a few different ways of doing the swag of cord, but in the end decided it was all too bulky for children, especially the baby, so I just safety pinned them near the center. I finished hand sewing the eye-hook closures, we shall see if they will be enough to keep the jackets closed. I also decided to go ahead and make an ascot for Ringo. He wears a blue one so I used some of the left over fabric from the Paul costume.
All the epaulets are attached with several safety pins and the cording is all hot glued on.
This was fun, but I have a feeling I will be buying costumes for the boys next year.

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