Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The second Beatle is easier

I'm trying to prioritize things since I have too much going on. Sunday I pushed through the Ringo costume for Baby Boy. The second Beatle goes much quicker since I know exactly what did and didn't work the first time I pieced the pattern together. I ended up with just the right amount of gold ribbon to do 4 stripes across the chest, one on the collar, two on the sleeves and one along the hem of the jacket. This is all less that what is on the original Ringo costume, but proportions for a baby are much smaller! And one packet of double fold bias tape was exactly the right amount for the size 4 costume and gave just a little extra for the size 1 costume. (I was so glad I found gold bias tape at Joann's Fabric, they didn't have it at Fabric Depot.)I'm really getting excited! I put him in the costume to measure the length of the pants, this is going to be hysterical!
Mrs. Mc told me that she had found orange fringe on the clearance rack at Fabric Depot so I headed back over there yesterday to find it. Fortunately, I found it and it is just perfect, thank goodness I finally got it! I added it to the hem, which was easy, and the cuffs, which was hard, since the sleeves are finished. I was able to get My Little Helper to try on the jacket briefly, but only through bribery. Adorable, even without pants! I think he expects that there will be antenna by the time I finish the costumes, since they are beetles and he frankly has no idea who The Beatles are. He also keeps asking if I will make him a dinosaur or dragon costume next. I think I am going to have to go buy another costume for him. We'll go trick or treating with the B Boys in the Sgt. Pepper costumes and Mrs. Mc is having a Hallowe'en party that Sunday to which I'll bring the costumes. But if we get invited to a party that Friday or Saturday before I'll let him be a dinosaur. And this will be the absolutely last time I ever make him dress as something about which he has no idea!
So here is the John costume nearly complete, I just have to make epaulets and finish sewing on the stinking buttons.And here is Ringo; I started one epaulet.Tiny baby epaulets crack me up! I used hot glue to attach the blue cording underneath. Here's a closer look:Now I have to figure out how I will attach them! Once I sew the buttons on I will attach and swag more of the blue cording on the costume.
While I had the hot glue gun out I also glued the orange cording on the back of the John costume, but I forgot to take a picture.

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