Sunday, October 16, 2011

These embellishments may be the death of us!

Ms. Mc came over on Thursday with her boys. She brought the orange fringe she had purchased for me for the epaulets. She also made me a medal. I think it turned out really cute. She ended up giving me all of the coin fringe she bought because apparently Paul and George have cross shaped medals and John and Ringo have the circle medals. I think I'll only need about 3 per boy though since their chests are so much smaller. I bought blue and red striped ribbon on my last fabric store run and I remembered I have some striped ribbon left over from GapKids gift wrap a few years ago.
Ms. Mc showed me a sample of her epaulets. They looks so great! She is staying much truer to the originals while I have just fashioned clumsy rectangles. She has been working like crazy on her embellishments while her mom has been sewing the costumes. That is a huge relief to me. It is nice to know I only need to worry about my two boys' costumes and packing up our bedroom and office before the end of the month.
With the last of the fringe I'm in the home stretch now. I finished all the machine work, just in the nick of time because I am running very low on thread for both costumes. I'm just down to the hand stitching now. I hand stitched the epaulets closed. Ms. Mc suggested we just attach them to the jackets with safety pins so that is what I have done. I'm sewing the buttons now and cursing the original costume designers for adding so many buttons to these uniforms.And here are photos of how the backs turned out with the cording hot glued on.

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