Monday, August 22, 2011

Making a door from scratch.

My Uncle M is over again to work on our potting shed. Now that most of the trim is up we need to work on completely enclosing it by making a door. The problem is that the dimensions are so odd that I haven't been able to find anything that we could use at any of my trips to The Rebuilding Center or Hippo Hardware. Every door I was finding would need to be cut down so substantially that the existing panels and mouldings would look ridiculous.
It occurred to me that What I needed was a solid core, slab door. With this I could cut it down in height and width with out worrying about having a lopsided door, AND not have to worry about trying to re-bore for the lockset. I was inspired on a walk to create a Craftsman style door with a window. We could build up the ledge with dimensional lumber and mouldings. We could add a little window and I could get some salvage glass from Hippo. My Uncle was game to try this so I went on yet another search for a solid-core door.
I found this fun little pine door at Hippo, but the dimensions didn't quite work. It was a touch too narrow.I finally found one that wasn't too much bigger than I needed at The Rebuilding Center. I managed to get it for only $10 since the cashier felt I had waited too long for a salesperson to help me and she had to come out herself to give me pricing. That was an unexpected perk! While I was there I also rooted around in the hardware department looking for a lockset. I wanted something smaller scale since this is a mini door. I found this complete set with all the pieces parts, save a strike which I was able to get in the other bins. The salesperson said it would retail for over $100, but that they were asking $15. Oh, how I love The Rebuilding Center!
My uncle cut down the door and we discovered that my solid core door was actually particle board. The sides have about 3 inches of solid wood which is what I saw. It did not occur to me to tip the door over to look at the top or bottom, otherwise I would have seen this. The price is great, but this will make hanging it a bit more complicated because the hinges will have nothing to grab onto, When he trimmed the door on that side we lost all the solid wood. Bummer.
I used blue tape to test out the dimensions of the window before he cut that out. The first was too big.
Just right.
So now the door fits in the hole and we have a window. Next up, I need to find a piece of glass and we can add the ledge.

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