Friday, August 12, 2011

Making progress on the potting shed

We finally are working on the little shed in our back yard. I have been waiting on finding a door before we begin work, but the tiny opening we have is proving quite troublesome. No matter what I find it will have to be significantly cut down and the proportions will be off. I decided that maybe "breaking ground" on this project will either motivate me to search harder or maybe even reveal a solution if we create a door from scratch.
I called my Uncle M to do the work since he can use the work and Mr. W doesn't have a lot of time. Last weekend when we were out getting supplies for my sister's condo we also bought the lumber and supplies needed for the shed. We went to Mr. Plywood because they are close and local. Any time I can avoid a trip to worthless Home Depot I'm happy. Plus look at how awesome their signage is?This potting shed is never going to be weather tight, but I am hoping by closing it up we can at least prevent opossums, racoons, cats, squirrels and rats from finding shelter in there or using it as a litter box. I also want to be able to keep out toddlers and babies. I have a feeling I'll always have spiders in there ::shudder:: but maybe fewer? Because it isn't meant to be weather tight we are skipping the step of using felt paper between the plywood sheathing and the cedar shingles. We bought white cedar grade b shingles. I was interested in some fancy cut shingles, like the round or fish scale ones, but they are all special order and have a minimum order anyway and we only needed 16 square feet so it wouldn't be worth it. I keep reminding myself it is only a potting shed and we may be moving soon so I needn't go crazy out here!
The gable overhangs the footprint of the shed quite a bit and we wanted to use that as a ledge for storage in the interior. We used 3/4" plywood there for strength. We finished out the underside/exterior with tongue and groove beaded board for the porch ceiling, if you will. A cove mould finishes the edges and covers the spacing. My uncle and I decided to cover the eaves with beaded board as well. The angle of the roof means there are a thousand little cuts and that board will help to finish off any uneven seams. It also looks a lot nicer and was something I originally considered doing but opted not to in the interest of saving money on supplies.
We bought one bundle of shingles which covers 25 square feet, but with all the little cuts needed we ran a little short. There were 9 round edge shingles in the shed from when the previous owner redid the siding on the house. We used those at the top to make up the difference we needed, but hopefully it looks like it was a detail we always intended to add. Among my dad's tools is a compressor and a pinner but we didn't really have a way to staple the shingles, which is the method the previous owner used for the body. I rented a 1/2" crown stapler from Parkrose Hardware because I was told that they can also sell you the fasteners you need in smaller quantities rather than having to buy a giant box. Their rental prices for 5 hrs or a day are very reasonable and whatever unused strips of staples we didn't use they would return.
I'm very excited! I still need to find a door, I do have a possible solution with materials we already have on site. I'll paint the trim, door, and sashes too as a possible test run for colors on the house if we end up staying here. And maybe I can talk Mr. W into adding some sort of solar powered LED light for the interior since the downside to closing up the place is I have eliminated most of the natural light source.

***Upon returning the staple gun I noticed boxes of flossine on the shelves. I thought, that's odd that they sell that at a hardware store. Then it occurred to me, I'm in the rental department...what if they rent cotton candy machines?!?! So I asked and indeed they do. I am so excited!! One of my favorite jobs at Oaks Park was making cotton candy; it is one of those mindless, repetitive jobs, like ironing napkins, that is very therapeutic for me. I had already been considering a future carnival/circus theme birthday party in the future, but now I know I can make my own cotton candy. So awesome!!!***

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