Thursday, August 18, 2011

Refinishing the Boudoir chair

I set to work removing the upholstery from the boudoir chair I bought on craigslist for my sister's condo. To go with the red, black, and white color scheme I wanted to refinish the wood with a black stain so the grain would still show through. And as opposed to painting, this would be less likely to show chips and dings.
It seemed like there were a thousand staples, but we finally got the fabric and padding removed the first day. We were set up in my mom's garage so it was a bit hot too and I had to keep taking breaks to nurse. So here it is naked:The next day I went back to strip the existing stain off. I went to Powell's Paint and they recommended I use Jasco Paint and Epoxy remover and a scraper. I also bought wood conditioner and and ebony colored stain. First I used a cheap paintbrush to brush on a thick coat of the stripper. This needed to sit for half an hour.It got nice and bubbly and then I just scraped it all off.Since there was only one layer of finish on the chair it came off very easy. I just used the putty knife to scrape everything off. Because it was so hot out sometimes the stripper had already dried by the time I got back down there, even though I thought I was working in manageable small sections, so this took the whole day.
But once I got it off it looked nice and ready to go.
Next we need to tackle conditioning and staining before we take it to the upholsterer next week. My mom is going to do that because I am going camping in Idaho. I asked her to take a picture before she drops it off. I hope it turns out great; I want this to look really nice for my sister.

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