Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chinese salmon

Just a short little post so I can remember this recipe. Yesterday I asked My Little helper what he wanted for dinner on our way to the store. His answer was Chinese food which kinda surprised me. I was actually craving some fish. He picked out salmon in the store and I baked it in this marinade and served it with rice and broccoli. Since I only had one large piece of salmon fillet I cut the marinade recipe in half.
Today, as I have been doing a hard core laundry attack in preparation for our trip to Ohio, he decided to "help" me by picking a bunch of tomatoes, many of which were not quite ripe enough. I have been trying to eat down the food in our cupboards and fridge before we leave so a bunch of tomatoes wasn't really in my dinner plans. I was able to scrounge up enough ingredients to make a batch of roasted red pepper tomato soup though. Our weather is hit or miss in Oregon so while I don't think we'll get a bumper crop of tomatoes in our garden this year, I am grateful we have enough to make a few batches of soup. Hopefully when we return I our crop will allow me to make some to freeze.

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