Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nursery tree

Because Mr. W and I accept an and all cast offs from family members we have ended up with a lot of old Christmas ornaments. My grandmother doesn't go through the fuss of setting up a Christmas tree anymore, so she gave me the remaining ball ornaments that she bought in the 1950s for my mother and siblings. Many of them are decorated with nursery rhymes When Mr. W's parents were downsizing they gave each of their children the ornaments from their childhood and he got the crocheted Sesame Street characters. My mother sewed some Mickey Mouse characters.
Since we live in the PNW I was raised with real evergreen Christmas trees. But I have always like the idea of a smaller nursery tree. I decided to buy an old fashioned feather tree to avoid the worry of water and lights around children. This is the second year I have set it up. The topper and beaded garland are new.
The fabric nativity is new this year too. Mrs. W Sr. gave both the nativity and an Advent calendar to the Littlest W for Advent. I have found it to be very helpful in explaining the story to him. He loves the 3 kings and St. Joseph, St. Mary and baby Jesus, not to mention all the animals. What a wonderful idea to have something that is interactive for children to participate in the story!

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