Monday, January 11, 2010

Embroidered boudoir pillow

This is my grandma's sweet, turquoise, 1957 New Home sewing machine. She gave it to me when she bought a new computerized machine. This thing was so well maintained and runs so easily that I now really enjoy sewing. I feel confident that I can do things because I have good equipment.
After the success of my bedroom curtains I was on a roll and decided to tackle some of the other sewing projects I had been putting off. I loved the idea of a monogrammed boudoir pillow and had gone so far as to purchase the feather pillow insert and some white pique fabric. And then I got distracted. Also I kept thinking I'd use my aunt's computerized sewing machine for the embroidery, but I never got around to it.
I decided I could embroider it myself and searched for a nice font to use as a template for the letter W. I decided the smaller one was better proportionally. The first step was to embroider a lavender W on it. It only took me a few days. Makes me think I should be monogramming things more often!
I cut out the fabric to allow for a wide flange and tested out a couple different sizes for the W. made up an envelope enclosure for it. Basically I did one piece for the front, two pieces for the back that overlapped each other (and finished the raw edges), put right sides together then sewed together along the outside seam. Then I flipped it right side out, measured again for the pillow insert and then stitched that seam. I was then able to slide in the pillow form.
It turned out very sweet I think. Here it is on the wing back chair that my mom and I slip covered. It is just how I envisioned it, so I'm happy. It also looks nice on the bed.

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