Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh, Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree!

My grandmother always had the most lovely Christmas trees. Lots of glass ornaments and birds clipped to branches. She lived on a fixed income, but her tree never looked like it. She also used to tie red tartan ribbon on the branches. I loved this look and thought to myself that I wanted to have red tartan ribbons on my tree when I grew up and had a tree of my own. Over the years though I had difficulties finding enough tartan ribbon. Somehow I always seem to be shopping too late. Two years ago post Christmas I hit the mother load of tartan ribbon. I wasn't sure how much I would need so I over purchased for a total of 5 rolls. Each roll is 100yds. I only used one roll this year. I am still laughing at myself! We did not go to a farm to cut down a tree this year so the tree we have isn't as tall as I would like. Maybe with a taller tree I can use up more ribbon!
I have been collecting the entire series of the Portland Ornament. I was introduced to it when I was in high school. My Spanish teacher's mother is the artist. I love them. This year's ornament pays tribute to Oregon's sesquicentennial by featuring the Capitol dome. (Technically NOT in Portland) I find this especially nice because Mr. W was sworn in to the Oregon Bar there earlier this year. I think I probably have enough gold/brass on the tree and ought to add some more red balls to add more pops of color against the green needles.
An ornament we purchased on our honeymoon in Scotland.

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