Saturday, December 19, 2009

Loss and maybe some more loss

Today was slightly dry so I decided to stop by a few old commercial buildings before they disappear forever. I'd received an update that the demolition of the Daily Grind building for a new and "improved" New Seasons Market location was going to happen this month. After a week of rain during which I did not feel adventurous enough to take a long walk with the littlest W. I decided I'd do a drive by. I was too late. The damage has been done. The old building is completely demolished and the site is empty.

Maybe it is better that I didn't get there when the actual demolition was happening because I can't be sure that I would have been able to control myself from strapping myself to the building in protest. This is very upsetting to me that we lost this building.
The news recently ran a story about the commercial storefront on NE 21st at Multnomah St. It was reported that a water line had frozen and then broke which caused extensive water saturation under the building and the land basically slid away into Sullivan's Gulch and took part of the building with it. I was worried to be losing another building, because I have long hoped that this building had a little more love and life in it. In walking around taking photos one of the crew members directing traffic befriended us and gave us the real scoop. Apparently no one knows if a water pipe froze they haven't gotten in there to be able to evaluate that yet. And the two owners can't decide whether they should try to save the building or completely demolish it. I hope the owner who is more preservationally minded wins out in the debate. And their insurance company may influence the outcome. However I'm not sure how reliable my "source" is so who knows if any of my scoop is accurate. When we were there the work crew was working to remove the section of the building that had completely given way. So Portland we are losing our architectural heritage en mass this month.

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