Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Feast of St. Andrew

Yesterday was the Feast of St. Andrew. Originally I wanted to celebrate this by bringing out the deep fryer and making Scotch eggs and Shepard's Pie. However Mr. W didn't want to start deep fryer season early. In our house deep fryer season lasts from Christmas Eve through Lent. I also wanted to have my soon to be godson Andrew over to celebrate his name day. But since his mother had to work we just had a little family dinner together. With the amount of Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, it seemed like a bad idea to buy more food to make a traditional pie. So I decided to try making it out of our turkey leftovers. I checked online and learned that this is not an original idea, but it was nice to know I wasn't crazy and that it was recommended. So I cubed up some leftover turkey breast, chopped a few carrots, layered some turkey gravy, and added some frozed corn. On top of all of that I spread a "crust" of leftover mashed potatoes. This was a great way to use up leftover gravy since Mr. W made two kinds for Thanksgiving. We all enjoyed our St. Andrew's Shepard'd pies!

Tonight we will begin reading from Advent Storybook by Antonie Schneider. There is a brief story for each night of December of Benjamin Bear following the star to Bethlehem. I am not sure how much the Littlest W got out of it last year, but I'm hoping for more success this year with his longer attention span. The illustrations have a beautiful painterly, quality to them.

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  1. Shepards pie = yummy yummy i got love in my tummy.