Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Weather forecasting in Portland is always a crap shoot. The whole town gets paranoid over a predicted storm only to have nothing show up. That happened again just a couple weeks ago. Then yesterday after watching a little afternoon Thomas the Tank Engine we realized it was snowing outside. I hadn't heard there was snow predicted so I bundled up the littlest W and myself and we headed out to enjoy it while it lasted. More often than not the snow will fall, but it won't stick, or it will only stick on the grass, but not the pavement. We went for a little walk, with him leading the way directly to the slides at Sunnyside Park. When we got there we discovered snow baseball players! How awesome is that?!
After getting soaked through going down the slide I realized that the snow was not letting up and was sticking to everything. Very curious I thought, how did I miss this forecast? Well, it turns out I didn't. Mr. W saw it falling from his office downtown and read the weather men reporting that it was only raining and that the rain would quickly replace the snow. Ah! they were so, so wrong. It was a mess for people trying to get home last night. Many of my friends had a 3 1/2 hour commute, one even had a 4 1/2 hour commute. Yuck! I cannot imagine especially with children in the car. I suggested Mr. W walk home and since he could see the mess on the Morrison Bridge from his window he decided to at least walk across it and try to catch a bus once on the East side. Poor thing, he was too cold to stand still waiting at bus stops so he would walk to the next stop to keep warm and inevitably a bus would pass him while between stops. He ended up walking all the way home from down town! I had a hot buttered rum waiting for him and hot tomoato soup.
I do love the snow in Portland though, we get it so seldom that it is always welcome in my book.

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