Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Under The Sea 6th Birthday Party

 My Little Helper always seems to pick his birthday party themes a year in advance. As I work on the finishing touches for one party, he is already planning the next. After we made last year's dragon pinata he decided the blue tissue paper would be perfect to make a whale pinata for a Whale Birthday party for his 6th birthday. Then a shark pinata for a Shark Birthday. Then a Squid Birthday.  I decided it would be prudent to combine them all into one Under The Sea party.

I wasn't keen on making another pinata so soon; and once we learned we would be welcoming a new baby this summer I definitely knew the pinata was out.

He decided he wanted a squid birthday cake. I copied this design. I debated whether or not to make two squids since it only serves 8 people, but decided to just frost the other cake round and serve it like a sheet cake.
 With a summer birthday we can have the party outside and we set up two wading pools and invited everyone to wear their swimsuits for some water fun. I found some water paper at the Learning Palace (meant for a bulletin board I'm sure) and decided it would make a good back drop for our activities. We found the sea creature cut outs at Lippman's.
One of the wading pools we set up for Bobbig for Sea Creatures. We found floating and non floating creatures at Lippman's.  We borrowed the other wading pool  from my mom and set up our sp[rinkler.

We had a craft station to keep children occupied while everyone arrived. Foam stickers of sea creatures and water paper to create their own sea scapes.

Once everyone arrived it was playtime.
 Bobbing for sea creatures.
After all that the children worked up quite an appetite.  The table was set with blue plates from the Teddy Bear Picnic birthday party and sea shells both collected and purchased. Grandpa is here visiting and picked out the big dolphin balloon.
I purchased this whale cup over a year ago at Anthropologie when he first mentioned he wanted a blue whale birthday party. I finally got to give it to him.

Bowls of peachy penguins, gold fish crackers, blue gummy sharks, and Swedish fish complete our Under the Sea theme.

Also on the menu, a fruit salad in a watermelon carved into a shark.

And Octo-dogs

We opened presents and then it was time for the Squid cake!

For party favors everyone got a bucket, which they used to collect their creatures from the Bobbing game. I used stickers from the invitations to decorate the buckets. They also got dolphin pinchers.

Happy 6th birthday to Our Little Helper!! I hope it was all the Under the Sea fun you wanted!

And a proud papa moment. Mr. W found this mermaid costume at Lippman's and just had to have it for Punkin. He's so funny with her, but I said okay since I knew she could wear it for Hallowe'en too.

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