Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to School dinner party

 I love our little tradition of a special dinner party the night before the first day of school.  This is our third one and this year we have two new students. Although he is only 2, Baby Boy is going to a pre-Preschool playgroup at a local community center. Yes, he'll get dropped off 2 mornings a week for an hour and a half each day. This should allow him some big boy fun and me some one on one time with the baby.

A place is set at teh table for our new Kindergartener.

And one for our Pre-Preschooler
 Each year I search the internet for ideas to steal from other people's back to school dinners. I loved the idea of paper airplanes suspended from the ceiling form the Glamorous Housewife's blog.
 I also stacked up some reference books. Will they even use dictionaries... or will it all be online?
 A few from the other side of the table. I was able to find more of my things this year post move. I've had that crayola tin for forever.
 Playing off the apple for the teacher idea, we had pork chops and apple sauce. Also corn which we picked at a birthday party on Sauvie's island over the weekend. This variety of corn is called peaches and cream and it is SO good!
 I found this school days scrapbook at LoN a few years ago and have been waiting to give it to my little student. I think it will be a fun way to look back at the previous school year before a new year commences.
 Our Little Helper loves all meats, utensils not so much.
 Daddy reads aloud from Curios George and the Alphabet to get us i the mood for learning to read this year.
The baby listens intently.
 Baby Boy fell asleep right before diner started, so we let him sleep. He doesn't eat dinner foods yet anyhow.

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