Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An antiquing score

While driving out to the Needlepoint shop last week I noticed a 'Going Out of Business' sign on Antiques & Oddities. I don't get into their shop much, but I do admire their collection of windows while I pass by. Everything was marked to 50% off. I decided to stop by to see if there were any china hutches  since we are in desperate need of storage for our Dining Room, so much is still in boxes in our basement.

By the time I got there everything was pretty much picked over and very few large furniture pieces remained. But I did score a few items. I spied this pair of Eastlake style vases. There are different images on each side of the vase. The green color is perfect with the new fireplace tile as well as the wallpaper I am thinking about using on the walls eventually. They were made by Charles Barlow of Smithfield Works and thanks to the internet I was able to learn that this studio was indeed doing work in the time period I guessed, from 1880-1892.
I don't think I could have found a better pair for our the new Eastlake mirror! And at $50 for the pair, and 50% marked down I couldn't not buy them.
 Mr. W and I have long joked about getting a valet for him, but it isn't the sort of thing one comes across regularly in Oregon, and certainly not high on our list of needs. As I was getting rung up I did a quick scan around the room and noticed this awesome brass valet I had overlooked when I came in. 50% off $125 and I knew it was meant to be for Mr. W.  He was happier than I expected to see his new valet.

And honorable mention to Baby Boy and Punkin for allowing me to cruise through the store without too much trouble. I'm lucky they are easy children.

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