Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Side table makeover

On the way home from our end of the summer camping trip last year we drove down Powell Blvd and I spied this 70s era side table outside a second hand shop. I went back a couple days later with the boys; it had the right amount of detail I wanted for a bedside table in our guest room. I was hoping to find something for under $50 and they wanted about $85 for this which was way too much considering how many pieces of trim were missing or broken. Conveniently Mr. F called me in the middle of the hard sell and I walked away. That was just what I needed for the salesman to drop the price down to $60.

Fall passed and I never seemed to have the time to get out to sand and fix the table. I was hoping to get it together in the spring before Mr. & Mrs. K came out to stay with us for Easter, but again I didn't do it. As I was envisioning the new nursery I realized this pie crust top table would be the perfect side table for a nursing station. It is large enough to hold a lamp and any drinks and snacks I need. I had a can of Benj Moore Cameo White that was an extra from a project when I was working which is a nice  neutral off white that will go with the antique white crib and changing table, but could easily transition to a side table in our Master Bedroom in the future.

We had a few nice days at the beginning of May so I was able to get out and sand the table down. There were a ton of nooks and crannies so I used a chair since I was already big by then.

The top of the table was pretty gauged up so we'd need to use wood filler to even those out.
During the sanding process I realized that the underside of the table top was delaminating. We used wood glue and clamps to fix that.

This little broken bracket also had to be glued back together.
This weekend there was finally a break in the weather, not rainy, not too windy, not too hot, and we were not too busy for Mr. W to use the paint sprayer to prime and paint the table this weekend. Pretty nice considering it was Father's Day weekend. I really appreciated it though, I'm getting antsy about finishing the nursery in time. It looks a thousand times better even with just the primer!
 After letting the paint cure for a couple of days I was finally able to set up my nursing station table with the newly made over lamp and side table.
 I love all the detailing in the table legs. And this Cameo White color helps to set it off with the stained wainscot behind it.
 And if I take the photo just right you can see how well the incised circle pattern shows through even after being painted.

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