Tuesday, June 25, 2013

37 Weeks

My dr is an idiot! Even though he insisted on 39wks exactly for my RCS and scheduled it with me two weeks ago, he didn't follow up with the hospital.  At last weeks apt when he was on vacation the midwife in his practice who saw me asked if I had a c/s scheduled. I told her yes and she said okay good, I don't see it in your file, but if he scheduled it with you I'm sure everything is fine. Nope!

This week he asked me if we had scheduled a c/s (!) when I told him yes, but that he needed to tell me when to arrive. As I was driving home from the apt I received a call from his office; I learned that the hospital was short staffed that day and it needed to be pushed back to Monday. Well, duh! It is 4th of July weekend, I didn't think it was a good idea to deliver then! Which means he never followed through with scheduling it with the hospital two weeks ago. Dummy!

I actually am not too mad, I wanted a bit more time between the holiday and the birth for the future planning of parties. Not to mention I wanted to be more of a mid way point between 39 and 40wks gestation. My c/s is now scheduled for July 8th!

We had my grandfather's funeral last weekend. I've worn this dress too many times to funerals in the last weeks of pregnancy. :(

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