Sunday, September 16, 2012

On to Cycle #14

On Friday I had my CD2 appointment with an ultrasound, which showed my 3 cysts had resolved themselves without the help of BCPs (Yippee!) and blood work, the results of which were E2: 57 and FSH:7.6.  The most exciting thing to me was that unlucky Cycle #13 turned out to only be a textbook 28 days long. The RE anticipated it could be upwards of 40 days since I chose to decline the BCPs.  But I added in acupuncture treatments again this cycle so I have a suspicion that contributed to a "normal" cycle length. 
In any event I'm on to more follisitim injections.  They are keeping me at 75iu increments for now through Thursday when I'll go in for a monitoring appointment.  Fingers crossed that I will be able to get mature follicles by then so I won't need to purchase another vial of drugs.  So far this cycle has the potential to be a two for the price of one deal.  (Well, only if you count the follisitim.  I'm still paying OOP for two rounds of office visits and labwork as well as needing to purchase another vial of ovidrel.  BUT, the follisitim is the biggest chunk, so lets hope one is enough again.
This will be my Hail Mary cycle. I am resolved to do one last cycle of timed intercourse.  I know that is the only approved method in the church's view, so I'm willing to give it one last shot.  But I'll be very honest.  with my birthday looming and multiple failed cycles behind me so far, I'm starting to really freak out about my low ovarian reserve numbers and my chances at having another baby.  Girl or boy, we really want another child and I'm willing to do intrauterine insemination in order to improve our chances should this cycle fail.
Speaking of girls vs boys, I was doing some research on another website for gender disappointment and non -high tech ways to determine sex.  It is called Swaying.  There are probably 7 points to the swaying techniques. most of which are too tedious or bizarre for me to undertake (ie checking your ph by sticking ph test strips in your cooter to assess whether you have the right environment and if it isn't then douching with lime juice or alternatively dipping a tampon in lime juice and inserting that into your nether regions for awhile until the test strips come out with the proper result. Umm...yeah...I guess I'm not that obsessed with having a daughter because I want no part in that business. 
But there are many diet related changes that one can make to help Sway For A Girl. One is no caffeine at all.  That one hurts the most.  I had a major headache the night I quit tea cold turkey and never really felt all there the next day.  I'm 3 days in and still feeling a little off.  Other things to watch for low sodium food, no red meat, limit potassium, load up on calcium.  It actually is mcuh, much more restrictive, but I'm just not that disciplined when it comes to diets.  I dont do them. But I am willing to adjust what I eat to fit in with the general guidelines of this Swaying Diet.  Non of it is scientifically proven anyway, but I'm willing to try making some changes and see what results.

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