Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Dragon birthday party

An event one year in the making, yesterday was finally Our Little Helper's 5th birthday.  Can I tell you how much I love 5 already?  I just love his little imagination, his curiosity, and his helpfulness.  And he's so darn tall! Where has my little boy gone?  With school starting next Monday, he is definitely a Big Kid now.
This may have been the most relaxed I have ever been before a party.  I had cleaned the house the day before the party, all the food I was preparing needed only to be washed, peeled and cut up.  I baked and completely assembled the dragon cake on Saturday.  The dragon pinata  and cardboard castle we finished up earlier in the week.  I had painted the shield favors in advance and Mr. W took on attaching the straps.  I woke up, ate a leisurely breakfast, took a shower and then began setting things out and prepping the food. I've never been so well prepared before.  It is nice when one doesn't procrastinate!
When OLH came into our room in the morning I began singing "Happy Birthday" to him.  He told me he didn't want me singing to him because he wouldn't be 5 until his friends sang to him at the party.  I'm not sure where he got this idea, but it is amusing.
During breakfast I set out our present to him, along with a few mailed from the grandparents and great grandparents, in the Drawing Room. When he walked by after breakfast, he was like, "What is that?" W gave him a wooden sword (to be used first and foremost on the dragon pinata.)
An imaginext dragon (which I got used on ebay, we're all about recycling, especially plastic toys.)
And "The Knight and The Dragon" by my favorite illustrator Tomie DePaola.

 He also got 3 new dragon books from one of his grandmas which included an illustrated Puff the Magic Dragon book.
My mom bought a copy of this book for her house awhile ago.  I started telling OLH about how my dad used to sing that song to me while playing his guitar. And then instantly I burst into tears because I realized that having my dad play Puff the Magic Dragon to his first grandchild on his 5th dragon-themed birthday would have been something he would have loved to do for us. This grief just hits me when I least expect it. So after drying my eyes, and Mr. W suggesting OLH come over and give me a hug, I set to work getting ready for the party.
 I started with the food tables. I used the blue shiny fabric we picked out and set all the food in silver pr metal dishes.  Our menu was Medieval Times inspired so all foods that can be eaten with their hands and I felt the silver went with our medieval banquet theme. (it was super windy out so the photos aren't really great.)

Our menu:
  • Dragon legs (grilled chicken drumsticks)
  • Dragon scales (blue corn chips with salsa)
  • Sliced watermelon
  • Strawberries and blueberries
  • Carrots and broccoli with ranch disp
  • Dragonberry juice (Cran-cherry cocktail juice)
We placed the castle near the front, but still visible from the side yard.  I think it turned out alright. Although I think if we had put a few more doors in it the children would have played in it more.

 I set up the shield decorating station near by.  Mr. W was in charge of this so we got a hollow core door on two kegs.  Klassy! Totally precarious and definitely kept the parents on their toes, not to mention trays of gem stones flying into the grass.

OLH was eager to get to work decorating his shield even before his guests began to arrive.
I brought down some of his dress up clothes including a dragon costume I ordered him for Hallowe'en. (I'm taking a break from sewing this year!)
Fiery, OLH's best friend came back from spending the night at the B Boys' house.  Baby Boy was happy to see him again.

 And shield decorating continued
 Mr. W and Mr. F strung up the pinata,
 which of course drew all the children immediately below it and trying to convince them to wait before we hit it proved to be challenging.
So we didn't make them wait too long.
Remember how I was worried that the pinata might not be strong enough since I made it myself, and I was afraid it would fall apart tight away and the children would be disappointed? Well, I had nothing to fear, all the children had several turns taking swings to slay the dragon.  I guess 3 layers of paper mache was enough. In fact everyone thought that I bought the pinata! Just when I was wondering if any of them would finally break the pinata, the hook that the dads had tied the twine to pulled out and the pinata fell to the ground. And, oh, did those children swarm that dragon like little hyenas!  It was seriously concerning the way they tore it to shreds!
After that the children ate and then went back down to the castle to open presents.
 Then I made them all pose with their shields and their costumes before they could come back up for cake. (I know how to bribe childrent o get the photos I want!)
And here is how the cake turned out after I added the fruit roll up flags. I think it turned out pretty well.
The children were impressed and let me know which boy parts they wanted to eat. One of the dad's especially liked the red velvet cake on the inside . We did have a bit of a problem with OLH being able to blow out his candles.
It was just windy enough that they wouldn't stay lit long enough for him to blow them out, even with dads using the shields to shield the wind. But as soon as everyone finished singing "Happy Birthday" to him, he said, "I can't believe I'm 5 now!"  Again I don't know where he got that idea, but it was pretty cute that as soon as the song was over he felt it had officially happened.  He has mentioned to me twice now that he doesn't feel any different now that he is 5, but he did love his much anticipated blue dragon birthday party!


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  2. Putting our spy party to shame - nice work!

    so if no one sings HB to me on my birthday do I get to stay the same age? ;-)

    1. haha, seems reasonable to me! This may be a new trend in adult birthday parties.

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