Monday, June 13, 2011

Pentecost Sunday

Ever since he joined our parish, our priest has encouraged everyone to dress in red for Pentecost for a big ending to the Easter season. I also had been perusing food ideas at Catholic Cuisine and saw lots of red themed desserts like red velvet cake. Since I knew I'd be recovering from Peonies & Pearls I decided that I'd just focus on a savory red meal like risotto or something.
That was all I needed to mention to Mr. W and he took it as a challenge accepted! I really am so lucky that he loves to cook and that we are so well suited to each other in our nerdiness. He planned a 3 course red meal for us and all I had to do was nurse a baby and set the table.
He started out with a seared tuna in sesame seeds. Now while I know tuna is red, my only experience with it is from a can. I thought it tasted great, although he was a little disappointed that it didn't turn out more red. He also made Campari and soda for red colored cocktails.The main course was a risotto with roasted red peppers and goat cheese paired with steak. I'm not a rare girl so mine wasn't red and bloody like his was.I had suggested making some sort of rhubarb glaze for the meat since our rhubarb plant grows like gangbusters. Instead, he decided to save it for the dessert course and create a strawberry rhubarb crumble based on a peach crisp recipe from his America's Test Kitchen cookbook. I do love my oatmeal so this was a special treat for me.He also brought me a nice red gerbera daisy plant as a center piece. I set the table with some red linen placemats I got on super sale at W&S and a candle to represent the Holy Spirit's tongues of fire that descended upon the Apostles. A nice Sunday supper.

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