Monday, December 13, 2010

Window Restoration Part II

I'm so happy, the window repair men finished up today! All our windows have been weather stripped, second panes of glass added, every sash is operable and we have storms on the down stairs windows. We are going to have such a nice snug house into which we'll bring this baby home!
I posted before about the beginning of the process. I am quite pleased that I misunderstood the estimator when he described how the secondary pane of glass would be added. He was showing me the loss of detail on the inside of the sash, but when the new panes were added, they were added to the outside of the window. So no interior Linktouch up work is required and we don't lose the look from the interior.After the second day of work Mr. W said he already felt warmer in his office, and at that point the windows had just been tacked back in place. I was very please to learn today that the two windows in the hallway are in fact double hung rather than single hung. When the lead paint was stripped off a few years ago, the carpenters were unable to get the upper sashes to open. Well now both are functional; this will come in handy keeping the cats from escaping out the window in the summer.
I haven't ventured outside yet, it's rainy and it's hard for me to get my 39 week pregnant feet into boots, but I'm sure the storm windows look good from out there. I do know that I will be even more motivated to try to get the house painted this summer since the storms are primed and will be standing out.
We have been very happy with Chosen Wood Windows. They were prompt, clean, efficient, and well priced for the quality of work. I'm so glad we chose to restore the windows rather than replace them.

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  1. Sounds like great work.

    How do the tax credits work?