Monday, December 13, 2010

Feast of St. Lucia

Last night I made luzzekattor again from Cooking With the Saints. Last year I killed the yeast and assumed I over kneeded it. So this year I was careful to measure the temperature of the liquids before I added the yeast. But once everything was incorporated, it still wasn't forming a proper dough. I was so disappointed; I'd used up all our saffron, and saffron ain't cheap.
I made a note to myself to use less flour next year when Mr. W looked at the recipe and decided that they had incorrectly converted some of the measurements from metric. That made me feel a little bit better, so with renewed spirit I decided to add some more milk to the dough in the hopes it could be resurrected.
After a few hours I was successful; the dough had risen! I hadn't killed the yeast this year and was able to move on with the directions. After forming the buns I left them out over night to do their final rise. I contemplated leaving the oven on over night, but didn't. I'll need to wake up more than an hour in advance next year because it took nearly an hour for it to reach 475 degrees. Frustrating when they only need to bake for 10 minutes and I can boil the water for coffee and tea in that time. Alas! It was worth it in the end though to have proper buns.
Since I'm tired and pregnant I didn't spend a lot of time setting up the breakfast tray this morning, but I did bring in some fir boughs from the back yard and added a candle to represent the light. My little helper was not in much of a helping mood this morning so I didn't get really good photos of him in his new nightshirt.Once I discovered I'd have two boys and no one to wear the St. Lucia crown for a few more years yet, I decided I need to to focus on Starboy outfits. This calls for tall, cone shaped hats decorated with stars. In my mind I imagine Swedish boys in nightshirts and night caps following their sisters into their parents bedrooms with the breakfast tray. I decided to search for night shirts and night caps on line. I found them at Gleneske of Ireland. So cute! I ordered the grandfather nightshirt in a size 5 figuring that would give my 3 yr old with a big head at least a year or two in the night cap. Nope! His noggin is so big that I can't get it on him at all. A little disappointing, but seeing him running around in the flannel nightshirt makes up for it.

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