Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And the nesting doesn't stop

I'm showing no signs of going into labor so I'm still running around trying to get last minute things done (and hoping it will bring on some contractions!) When I cleaned our the floor of the coat closet, I found some hardware I purchase years ago at Rejuvenation, but never used. I don't need it now so I decided to try to return it. In a phone call I learned that they no longer have this part number and likely don't carry it. I was willing to go in and try my luck. I was unable to make a return, but while looking through the salvage department, I finally found a match for my bathroom light shade!
These light shades were among the many things my grandmother A left behind. It turns out whenever she move move out of an apartment she would take the shades with her. Not nice. But, we never took the time to find their original homes so I installed them in our upper bathroom. When we fixed the floor in there my carpenter's accidentally broke one of the shades when the took the tub out. Not to self: always remove shades and leave bare bulbs when renovating!
That was about 2 years ago and I have been hunting for a replacement ever since. Trips to Hippo Hardware, Rejuvenation, 1874 House, The Rebuilding Center, and the Aurora colony have turned up nothing. Well, nothing but advice and opinions. Apparently this basket weave shade wasn't super popular, but common enough that most dealer had seen it before, they just didn't have it. One dealer told me that mine must have been sandblasted because usually they were a painted shade. That seemed unlikely to me. But today I finally found the shade and it was painted!
They had two shades but were willing to break up the pair. I figure maybe I can learn to paint lampshades and make my plain shade match this one. What can I say I'm in full nesting overdrive, want to check this shade off my to-do list, but didn't want to pay $45 each. Pink isn't my color, but I think these dogwood flowers look cute in our bathroom.

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