Thursday, December 2, 2010

37 week appointment

I went to this week's appointment completely alone having left the boy at his great grandma's house. I'm still high and closed so there is no concern that this baby will come anytime soon. In fact he tried to see if he could strip my membranes, which he couldn't. (I'm not sure that I would have wanted to this early anyway.) He decided to switch my next appointment to a Friday in the hopes that by next week he can strip my membranes, at nearly 39 weeks, so that I can go into labor on my own. This means that the final appointment would be the day before my due date. I'll need to clarify whether this means if there is no progress that day that he'd operate that day, or schedule me that day. Either way, we are getting closer and closer to having another baby so we need to finish all our last minute nesting.
And the results from my non-scientific experiment are in: pregnant feet swell up just as much in December as they do in August. I was really hoping I'd avoid swollen feet this pregnancy, beyond our trip to humid Japan. But my feet are ridiculously big, even as cold as it is in December. Unfortunately, unlike August when it is social acceptable to wear thongs everyday, I can really only fit into my galoshes. Which isn't a pretty look. Plus it seems to compound the sweaty foot factor. Oh little baby! What I go through to get you here with us!

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