Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Potty!

Before I was even pregnant I learned about Elimination Communication (EC) which is similar to the Diaper Free movement. The idea is that you learn from your child's non-verbal communication when he has to make an elimination and have them begin using a potty in infancy. One of the principles that I liked best is that it doesn't make sense to teach your child to eliminate when covered up with a diaper because then they are confused when you teach them 2-3 years later to eliminate when they are uncovered. It made sense and since I was going to be a homemaker and have "a lot of free time on my hands" I wanted to try it. I planned to supplement with cloth diapers. My friend cloth diapered her son and she laundered them herself even though she worked full time. I was much less ambitious and we used a diaper service (and still do.)
The EC worked well for a long time, I didn't catch everything, but I caught lots of pees and poops in the little potty. This worked up until the time our son was 9 months old. He really began to show his willfulness. He quit nursing, learned to pull himself up, and started fighting the diaper changes. He didn't want to be on his back anymore. He also didn't want me putting him on the potty anymore. So I backed off a lot and just struggled through diaper changes.
He still fights them. A lot. So about 2 months ago when he celebrated his 2nd birthday, I went out and bought toilet seats that have a lid, a potty seat, and a standard adult seat all in one. Mr. W installed one on each toilet and we put foot stools in each bathroom so he'd have leverage. I also started buying used Thomas the Tank Engine freight cars on ebay to bribe him. Mr. W calls this the Cars for Dumpers program. So far we haven't caught anything on the potty, so no rebates have been cashed in yet.
Maybe it is working though. The last two days he has asked to sit on the potty while I read him Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi. Over and over again. He doesn't want to wear a diaper, he wants to wear his Big Boy pants, but he doesn't want to sit on the toilet to go potty, "No want to!" But now that he knows there are special seats built in for him, he thinks it is HIS potty and gets upset when we sit on the toilet to use it. "No Mommy! My potty!" and he tries to push me off the toilet.
It is an adventure. I wonder what is more difficult, potty training or the teenage years?

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