Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Progress on the Boys' New Room & Nursery

Over the weekend we moved all the furniture into the new Big Boy Room. I have been trolling CL for used furniture since I need two new dressers and have been flirting with the idea of a new chair for the nursery.  We set up both the beds on Friday for the boys. I just love the look of  a pair of matching twin beds! I always hoped I could have them set up like this which is why I ordered a second set of matching bedding from LoN a couple years ago and why we bought two bed frames last summer.  The waterfall top, bird's eye maple night stand I found at Stars over the winter. I had set up a clock on it so Our Little Helper could begin to learn to tell time. (That darn clock has gone missing, thanks, I'm sure, to a toddler.) I just love bird's eye maple and think it works well for both sexes. I spent $65 on it and wished that there were a pair of them.

I have been searching for a second dresser for the boys' room for a year now. Somehow no matter what I find, Mr. W doesn't seem to be interested in it. To be fair I did have my heart set on Eastlake marble top gentleman's dressers for a long. long time. I recently found this bird's eye maple serpentine front dresser on CL. It does have a gouge out of the maple veneer on top, but the lister was kind enough to mention that it could be covered up with a doily.  I knew I had this PB baseball runner which I bought for the last nursery and hoped that would work. I love the little claw feet on the cabriole legs too. I got it for $120, it was worth the drive to Hillsboro!

With a pair of beds in this room, and the placement of heating vents and the closet, the only place for my uncle's childhood desk was in the bay window. I bought the red lamp at Ikea over the winter too.

I have red ticking fabric bed skirts on order and over the weekend I bought some red ticking stripe fabric to sew curtains for the bay windows. I ordered curtain hardware from RH similar to what we had in the Laburnum Bungalow. It was on sale, what a lucky surprise! I have a lot of wall decor from the old nursery as well as baseball collectibles I inherited from my dad. I'll be adding those as I can over the next few weeks. I also have my eye on a little baseball themed bedside lamp at PBK.

I really wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go in for the nursery, other than wanting sage green walls. For years before I met my husband I had been planning out my ideal unisex red, white, and blue nursery. With all of that moving on to the Big Boy Room I didn't really have another unisex plan in mind. I do have plenty of green and purple little girl room ideas in mind, which is a problem considering we are Team Green and I don't know who is growing inside me. Someone on TB inspired me with the idea of a woodland theme, I even found online a darling woodland fabric that I could use to make curtains for the windows. Sadly it was discontinued and nothing else I found online or in fabric stores thrilled me in the woodland direction. Too bad because I could play up the red & white mushrooms and reuse some of my nursery bedding.

I already purchased two super marked down purple toile curtain panels at PB years ago in the hopes that I could use them in the middle bedroom of our old house. There are two windows in the new nursery, so really this is the only room in this house where I could use them. Since the ceilings are 2' taller in this house I'd have to add a coordinating fabric as a think hem at the bottom of the panels. Maybe that coordinating fabric could be used to make a bed skirt for the crib? All of this was kinda wishful thinking on my part since I needed the room to be unisex. But Mr. W didn't understand why a baby boy couldn't have purple toile curtains in his room.

With that open-mindedness to back me up I decided to go forward with green and purple.
Here is the room with all th ebig boy furniture moved out. The ivory crib and changing table really pop on these green walls (Benj. Moore #2034-50 Acadia green.) This room looks so much bigger without the striped walls and furniture!
For now I think I will re-use this old rocker that my parents used when I was a baby, and that I used when nursing OLH.) Mr. W needs to fix the top though which is busted. I bought a second hand octagonal top gate leg table last summer  that I intended to fix up as a night stand in the guest room. I was planning on painting it ivory; I think it will work perfectly here in the nursery for now. I will reuse the ivy lamp that was in the guestroom, but will probably buy a new shade for it.
I took my mom to the Portland Orchid Society's orchid show this weekend and then we went shopping for fabric.  I bought this purple zydo orchid for the nursery and put it in an old McCoy pot I used in our old kitchen. We also found a plum colored sateen I can use for the bottom of the curtains and since it was marked down 60% we bought enough so my mom can sew a bed skirt for the crib. (We are both wishfully thinking this baby is a girl.)

I'm still trolling CL for one more dresser, something I would probably paint off white. Part of my delay is that I feel guilty painting a perfectly good piece of furniture if it doesn't have damage to the original finish. Depending  upon what I can find, the dresser will likely go here next to the crib so we can keep the changing table of the far south wall. (You can also see I have a bunch of green and purple blankets that we received from all the showers we had for our first baby. We received so many hand made baby blankets that we never got through them all, now they'll be fresh for this third baby.)