Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm dreaming of a blue Christmas

It is only the middle of October, but already I have Christmas fever. It was triggered by looking through a catalog and seeing these peacock feather trees. I have admired peacock themed decorations i the past, but I didn't think they would blend well with my Tartan tree. But now that we are in the Queen Anne and we have extra rooms I thought that I could indulge in the novelty of another tree.  Yes, that would make 3 trees total if you count the nursery tree that we decorate for the children. But the interest of being somewhat reserved I thought that the Parlor tree should just be a table top tree.  Peacocks were a favorite for the Victorians so it only seems appropriate to decorate a Parlor tree in this color scheme, especially since we have some teal jewels in the leaded glass windows and a swallow in flight in the transom window in the entry.

Peacock Christmas decorations are available all over the place too. I spent this week going to P1, Macy's, and P1 had a lot of great peacock decorations including this tree skirt. I was thinking about searching CL for small low tables I could use int he window of the tower to place the tree, but then remembered that we moved this small cabinet into the Parlor anyway to make room for the full size tree in the Drawing Room. I think it will be the perfect spot to place the new tree.

Here is a close up of the tree skirt, I love the colors!

I've gone a little crazy getting decorations and candles.  These are just some of the ornaments I've bought so far.  And I'll order the small feather trees to to decorate over the piano.

Edit: I can't seem to help myself from purchasing decorations for the peacock tree.  I think this might be the last of it, I've found garland, solid balls to fill in, numerous feather spikes, and a used tree topper off ebay. I'm cutting myself off until after I trim the tree this year and determine how much more I might need to fill in.

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