Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pink Zebra Baby Shower

My mom and I threw a baby shower for one of my cousins. She's having a girl and mentioned at Christmas that the baby was going to have a safari theme nursery. Even though I don't like pink myself, I always see pink zebra stuff everywhere so I thought it would be a fun modern theme for her shower.
After doing a lot of searching online this is the pink menu we decided upon
  • pinwheel sandwiches of ham and cheese
  • shrimp cocktail
  • salmon mousse on cucumber slices (the same recipe used at my mom's birthday party)
  • penne alla vodka (My mom used this recipe as a guide)
  • pink grapefruit salad (I found this idea online for pink themed food, but there was no recipe. When I went to search online all I could find were nasty looking pink salads with whipped topping and cherry pie mix. Yuck! So I just threw together the ingredients that were listed-canned pink grapefruit, pineapple chunks, shredded cocoanut, & cherries- into a salad bowl. Simple and refreshing.)
  • pink lemonade, coffee, tea
  • chocolate cupcakes with  pink frosting and white chocolate Hugs which look like zebra stripes
  • mini strawberry marbled cheesecakes (I used this recipe as a guide but substituted chocolate wafer cookies for the crust.)
  • assorted pink candies
 The cheesecakes deflated a little bit once they came out of the oven. I got a tip from a bumpie after the fact that if you cook them in a water bath (cupcake tin set in a baking dish filled with water) and take them out a little early one can avoid some of the cracking.
 The penne alla vodka was SO good! I should really add this to my regular rotation of mid-week dinners.
 Mr. W had a set of zebra striped place mats which I knew would be the perfect on hand item I could use in setting up the buffet table. nI used a plain black tablecloth I bought in October and arranged the place mats as a table runner. My mom has lots of safari souvenirs from a trip my parents took to Africa in 2000, so we used a few of those as decoration in addition to her cheetah print serving plates and bowls.
I was going to buy some pink zebra plates and napkins on line, but I found a cute set at Lipman's that incorporated everything I wanted, plus the line had baby shower bingo cards that fit into the theme. I love it when I can support a local business and save myself shipping costs!
I did do one crafty-ish thing. Stealing from an idea I saw online, I wrapped two tin cans with pink zebra striped duct tape and used them as silverware holders.
My cousin's MIL made her this pretty pink baby blanket
 My Little Helper was invited to a classmate's birthday party so Baby Boy ended up having to stay home with me. Fortunately he napped during part of the shower, but when he woke up he was thrilled to have so many cupcakes and goodies on the table, not to mention grandma's willing to feed him treats.  Makes a boy so thirsty he ends up double fisting!
 Two year olds take the BEST pictures, so willing to smile and look at the camera!
 My cousin and me, both pregnant and rockin' the animal prints.

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