Friday, March 9, 2012

Well, we did it.

We sold the house! The inspection period is over; the contract has been signed. There is no going back now. It feels a little anticlimactic though. Or maybe I'm just still not letting myself get too excited?
Earlier this week they had their inspection. The big issue, which was no surprise to me, was the roof. It needs to be replaced, which I knew 4 yrs ago when I had my colleague who is a roofing subcontractor out to the house to do a repair. Every year since though it hasn't been made a priority in our budget. Another issue was wood stove; it is certified (I guess the rules about EPA certified wood stoves is a big deal around here) but there is some concern about the connection point on the ducting.
When they came back to us with an addendum they wanted some money off for the roof and to redo the walls in the downstairs bathroom. Additionally we need to make the repairs to the wood stove prior to closing.
At first I wanted to contest the issue with the walls, I didn't agree with the inspector that it is moisture getting in there, but rather a bad DIY job by the previous owners. That's just cosmetic to me not a structural issue. But when I considered the time and effort it would take to get someone out for a second opinion, I thought, "eh, is it really worth dickering over $1,500 when taking into account the overall cost of the home?" Not really. And Mr. W really didn't think so, he wanted to get it done.
So yesterday, with very little fanfare, he signed the paperwork to sell his first house. I'm so proud of him. He's a good saver and money manager. As I type this I'm sitting on the front porch of the Laburnum Bungalow with the boys playing in our front yard in the early March sunshine. I'm going to miss this house. I've made a lot of good memories here. I have only a month to soak up and appreciating every little bit of this house.

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  1. The good news is you have a memory like a steel trap with the pics to match so you will get to take them with you as you create new memories at the awesome new place!