Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

With St. Patrick's Day falling on a Saturday, one would assume I would be doing something big. Not really. One of my Christmas gifts from Mr. W was tickets to see Wicked. And it turned out it was coming to town on St. Patrick's Day.
That's okay though, instead I had a little tea party with my boys instead. In an effort to empty our pantry before the move I've been picking recipes based on what's available. So I decided upon brownies from scratch. I've never made them from scratch before, but I have lots of cocoa powder so it seemed like a good idea.
I did make them nearly vegan, I substituted in margarine and almond milk. I would have used my current egg substitute of 1 tablespoon cornstarch + 1 tbsp water = 1 egg, but I've been doing that so often I've run out of cornstarch!

The night before My Little Helper had his very first sleepover. He has been asking for months, but we just haven't gotten it coordinated or the invitee's parents haven't felt their child was ready yet. When I suggested it to Ms. Mc though she felt that N would love it. My Little Helper was so excited!
He does need to work on his hosting skills though. Things like letting your guest have first pick of which color cup he wants. Serving your guest first. Not doing a puzzle if your guest wants to do something else instead. It was definitely a learning experience for all of us.
The boys were so excited to sleep in sleeping bags that they got changed in to their jams almost immediately after dinner. They did the teeth brushing routine together. It was so cute! I decided that since they would probably stay up talking and playing, it seemed to early for bed, that I ought to have them sleep in the office so Baby Boy wouldn't be kept up late too. They chose the little dormer corner. Ah! I knew that children would love this little corner and had plans of making it a little reading areas with cushions and pillows if we had stayed here and this became one of the boys' room.OLH kept coming downstairs to get more toys. At some point I heard such shrieking coming from upstairs that I decided to go up to investigate. It occurred to me that I only hear my son making noise. Poor N, he was hiding under the covers while being shrieked at. MLH wanted him to listen to his story so that's why he kept raising his voice. Eventually I got him settled down and they both fell asleep.
The next morning Mr. W made bacon and pancakes for breakfast. I picked some daffodils from the garden which N really liked. I told them a little bit about St. Patrick using the shamrock to teach the people of Ireland about God having three forms. I used the Royal Tara teacup with shamrocks on it as my visual aid and tried to be as brief as possible. The boys stayed in their jams all day and continued to play in their sleeping bags.After N went home MLH and I finished the brownies by making mint frosting for them in honor of St. Patrick. I let him spread the frosting out. He also wanted to add sprinkles. So pleased with himself. I set the table with a cloth my mom brought me as a souvenir from Quebec; the green and white gingham seems cheery for St. Patrick. I didn't time tea exactly right though because Baby Boy was already down for his nap. The three of us did have a nice treat together.

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